Childcare Essentials for Kids with Special Needs

August 28, 2021

Parents of children with special needs go through a struggle few can understand. Childcare in these situations becomes an uphill climb, and the more tools they have in their arsenal, the easier the load becomes. Children and young adults with special healthcare needs often require various forms of Pediatric durable medical equipment (DME) and supplies. This includes devices or consumables that help those with disabilities improve or maintain their ability to function in everyday life.

Here are some of the essential special needs equipment for children, that have been useful in improving the quality of life of both the child and their caregivers.

Speech Therapy Devices:

Opening Doors to Communication

Speech Therapy Devices are for special needs children with conditions that make verbal communication difficult. These can range from developmental delays to autism, mutism, deafness, aphasia, cerebral palsy, or dysarthria. Commonly considered as AAC equipment for disabled children (Augmentative and Alternative Communication), speech therapy devices are a critical element in childcare services.

AAC devices fall under the broader umbrella of assistive technology and allow children with disabilities to express their thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs, through unconventional ways. They have a variety of non-verbal tools, ranging from the use of sign language and picture boards to mobile device applications, specialized keyboards, and speech-generating devices (SGDs). Studies have shown that speech therapy devices enhance speech development as well as social interactions in disabled children.

Finding the AAC device that’s a perfect fit … Don’t let your child’s thoughts go unspoken!

Speech Therapy Devices

Picture Boards or Touchscreens

These use symbols of pictures of daily items. For example, a person might touch a picture of a bed to indicate that they are sleepy. Some picture boards can be personalized and expanded to suit the child’s age, education, hobbies, or interests.

Keyboards with a text display

The display panel typically faces outward so that two people can face each other while “talking”. Recently the use of spelling and word prediction software has made it easier and faster to use keyboards for communication.

Speech-generating devices

These translate words or pictures into speech. Some versions even allow users to choose different voices, like male or female, child or adult, regional accents, etc. These devices use a pre-recorded vocabulary while advanced versions simply synthesize the words that are typed in, providing an unlimited vocabulary.

Before obtaining a speech therapy device from a local medical device supplier or pharmacy,  a licensed speech pathologist should document the child’s special needs requirements and the results when attempting any other form of communication. After obtaining a prescription from the treating Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner, Arvada Pharmacy, is happy to provide Pediatric special needs equipment, essential for childcare.  We also facilitate the necessary paperwork for prior authorization from the insurance companies, to make the process as seamless as possible.

Phototherapy for Newborn Jaundice

Let there be Light!

Newborn jaundice or hyperbilirubinemia is the yellowing of a baby’s skin and eyes, that occurs when they have a high level of bilirubin in their bodies. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment that is released when the body routinely breaks down red blood cells. In older babies and adults the liver gets rid of the excess bilirubin and doesn’t allow it to build up in the body. But in newborns, the underdeveloped liver may not be mature enough to remove all the bilirubin, causing the pigment to get deposited in the eyes and skin, which is perceived as a yellow discoloration. In most cases, newborn jaundice disappears in 2-3 weeks as the baby begins to feed. However, if the yellowing persists after 3 weeks then it could be a signs of an underlying condition. This needs active treatment as the high levels of bilirubin in the body could lead to deafness, cerebral palsy, or brain damage.

The most common treatment for bilirubin build-up is phototherapy, where the baby is placed under fluorescent light with their skin uncovered,  that is they are either naked or wearing just a diaper. This light emits waves with a special wavelength that can break down bilirubin particles in the skin so that it is easily absorbed by the body and eliminated through the urine and stools.


Arvada Pharmacy provides portable bilirubin light devices that enable phototherapy easily and safely, through the Medicare and Medicaid programs, enabling the supply of equipment for disabled children. Having a phototherapy machine as a Pediatric durable medical equipment (DME)  makes it easy for new parents, struggling to provide childcare for their special needs baby. They can work around feeding and sleeping schedules, as the treatment is available 24/7, anytime they need it.

Pediatric Nutrition and Supplements

A Healthy Future Begins Now!

As every parent knows, childcare includes a balanced diet, good nutrition as well as regular physical activity. These factors are even more important when it comes to children with special needs. The correct amount of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibers, and protein is essential for the body to function well, providing muscle strength and promoting healthy digestion.

Children with special needs require a wide range of medical and dietary needs, especially if they are fed through feeding tubes. There are many formulations available that aim to provide a mix of delicious flavors as well as adequate nutrition.

That is why we offer oral nutrition and supplements, which include a wide range of Boost products that act as nutrition boosters for physical well-being.

Pediatric Nutrition and Supplements

Diapers for the Win!

Peaceful Nights, Playful Days…

Diapers are an extremely important consumable for children with special needs, because they may have changing bowel and bladder habits. From toddler-sized diapers and pull-ups to incontinence products for children and teens, the range is extensive.

Diapers or pull-ups are available in moderate to heavy absorbance levels and should offer leak prevention, odor reduction, and skin protection.

At Arvada Pharmacy, we have a wide selection of diapers for all children from newborns to toddlers, as well as a range of incontinence supplies like bladder control pads, protective underwear, underpads, catheters, urine drainage bags, sheaths, alcohol pads, and much more, to suit each one’s unique childcare requirements, especially in children with special needs.


Surgical dressings and Wound Care

A Solution for Scrapes and Bruises!

Children have a tendency to hurt themselves and those with special needs, face these challenges to a larger degree. Having a first aid kit stocked with supplies becomes an essential need for childcare in these cases.

Some useful items to include are skin cleansers, packing strips, and sponges. MediHoney products, which draw fluid from the deeper tissues to the surface of the wound to promote healing. Hydrogel dressings keep wounds moist and help protect the body from infections.  They also provide a cooling sensation to reduce burning pain.

first aid kit

How can medical suppliers help parents with childcare for children with special needs?

Sourcing equipment for disabled children doesn’t need to be an uphill climb. Keeping the DME provider updated about the child’s individual requirements, as well as insurance plans can help them find the items most suited for their childcare and healthcare needs. DME suppliers can also facilitate paperwork and prior authorizations from insurance companies.

At Arvada Pharmacy, Colorado, we believe in providing the essentials for childcare, especially for those with special needs, easily and efficiently. Visit our website or our instore location, to find out more about our full range of services.

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