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Durable Medical Equipment or DME supplies  include medical devices that can be used over and over again to help improve a person’s quality of life. They are usually prescribed by medical providers for adults and children who are suffering from a disability or long-standing illness, or those who are recovering after injures or surgeries. Most DME supplies have an extended lifetime. They are meant to be resilient and long-lasting, as they are handled by patients or their caregivers who may not be healthcare professionals. These innovative and practical devices make daily life at home or in private facilities, comfortable and easy for their users.

You may be wondering where you can get durable medical equipment for yourself or your loved one?

A patient’s treating physician would have to provide a prescription for the DME, in order for the equipment to be reimbursed by insurance providers. The doctor may recommend a supplier, or you can choose your own. Medical suppliers may also provide delivery and installation of the product. They can train the patient, family, and caregivers on how to use and maintain the device as well. Get access to exceptional durable medical equipment, from our expansive range of medical supplies by sending your prescriptions to Arvada Pharmacy, where we are committed to providing solutions that enhance your health and wellbeing. These include:

Muscles and Joint Support


DME supplies are essential for the treatment and rehabilitation of a wide range of bone and muscle injuries. They can also be used to stabilize and support an injured or inflamed joint. The goal is to ensure that the DME device has a custom fit that makes mobility comfortable for optimal healing.  These include devices like orthopedic shoes, infrared heating pads, and many more.

Mobility Equipment


Durable Medical Equipment like wheelchairs, medical scooters, mobility scooters, walking aids, canes, crutches, walkers and rollators, can help people suffering from disabilities with their activities of daily living. They serve to increase the person’s independence and confidence, as they are able to move safely with minimal assistance, thereby improving their quality of life. The type of DME chosen for a patient depends upon their medical condition as well as inputs from their healthcare team, but should also consider their living arrangements, their occupations, and their recreational activities. Our trained and experienced staff can advise you on what type of DME would suit your needs.

Bed Equipment


For people who are largely confined to their beds, DME supplies that make their sleeping situations safe and comfortable are medically necessary. These include devices like bed positioners, mattress overlays, mobility bed rails, overbed tables, bed pads, mattress toppers, air pressure prevention mattresses, hospital beds, patient lifts, and much more.


We also offer a wide assortment of medical supplies that provides continuity of care to patients as they carry on with their health journey at home. Our pharmacists and staff can advise you on which medical products are best suited for your needs. From surgical dressings to oral supplements, our goal at Arvada Pharmacy is to provide quality medical supplies combined with outstanding customer service.

Surgical Dressing


Recovering from a surgery or invasive procedure at home is so much easier if you have the right medical supplies. Packing strips, sponges and foams, Silversorb gel, MediHoney products and ointments, hydrogel dressings, antiseptic skin cleanser, surgical dressings and bandages, gauze sponges, Alginate®, are just some of the medical supplies we provide.

Diabetic devices


People suffering from diabetes need to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels. DME supplies like glucometers (electronic Blood glucose meters) ketone test strips, glucose test strips, insulin syringes and pens, blood lancets, and alcohol pads provide everything they need to safely and effectively monitor their condition. Glucose control formulas like Boost Glucose Control® as well as several nutrient-rich drinks and supplements help diabetics to keep their blood sugar under control and are one of our most sought-after medical supplies.



People who suffer from conditions that make it difficult to control their bladder and bowel movements require medical supplies like bladder control pads, protective underwear, underpads, catheters, urine drainage bags, sheaths, alcohol pads, and much more.

Oral Nutritions


Oral nutrition is essential to build immunity and improve health and wellness.  Vitamins and supplements, digestive aids, wound healing support, as well as pediatric special needs formula are medical supplies that can help maintain holistic health.

Child Care


Speech Therapy Devices are extremely useful for children suffering from disabilities. Home Phototherapy devices that provide Bilirubin light therapy for newborns with a condition known as neonatal jaundice is also considered durable medical equipment. It is useful when the baby is otherwise healthy and can be discharged from the hospital, but still has higher than normal bilirubin levels that require treatment with phototherapy. This can be provided safely, in the comfort of home, with this DME supply. Infants and children require special care. From diapers to Diapers to pediatric nutrition, we provide a wide range of medical supplies that you need to give your child the best care.

Gain Weight


Weight management is a large part of your healthcare journey. At Arvada Pharmacy, we offer an expansive range of medical supplies like protein powders, high-calorie nutrition supplements and, balanced nutrition drinks, to achieve your ideal, healthy weight goals.


At Arvada pharmacy, we aim to improve the quality of life for those who need it the most!
Knowledgeable about the variety of DME supplies we offer, as well as the unique needs of the customers who use them, our staff provides detailed consultations to help you choose the right equipment for yourself or a loved one.
We accept all major insurance plans like Medicare and Medicaid, but also offer affordable payment plans to suit your budget.

If you are looking for premium durable medical equipment, with a wide assortment of medical supplies, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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